With five short films completed and a sixth in pre-production, this is an exciting time for us.  We're trying to push the boundaries of short films, focusing on quality over quantity and it's working.  Our films have brought us some international recognition and awards, but this is just the beginning.


We're going to continue making films until we get to where we want to be: creating complete works of art that people can watch, enjoy and think about.

Russell Leadbeater


Films, where would we be without them?  There is no greater joy than seeing something in your head come to life, even greater joy, under budget.  

I love working with other creatives, getting the different points of view and creating images on screen from the inside of someone's head is pretty cool.  


We have really been blessed to have been able to work with some really talented people locally here in Queensland.  Onwards and upwards we will go. With hard work and a strong vision, we have a pretty busy year ahead with many exciting projects on the go.

Lizan Yee

Director's Reel